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Newtilize a network ...

Newtilize a network ...

... to aggregate and steer energy prosumption

Newtility empowers people with interest in energy and a relevant network in a way so that they can offer energy-based services. Think of ebay. With the help of ebay each and everyone of us can buy and sell things over the internet. Newtility is a bit similar and it opens the door for interested individuals and firms to enter the so far closed and complicated energy market.

Our simple rules

Our simple rules


Newtility empowers actors that want to give more to the energy system than others. In particular newtility focuses on prosumers that not only consume but also produce energy, provide flexibility to the grid or have detailed interest in energy.


Newtility enables prosumers to aggregate and steer an energy social network. Newtility contributes a cloud so you can offer all the services a utility can offer. The services are both rigor and relaxing easy.


Newtility contributes a cloud-based paltform for which it links various services and products from partnering companies. Newtility provides seamless integration and smooths linkages across the entire value chain.

Scale & earn

Through scaling the services and aggregate a valueable network Newtility helps you to earn a living.

newtility platform

newtility platform

A portfolio of easy-to-use service boundles that empowers you to be a newtility

Energy managers from the hood

In many private neighbourhoods there is a guy who once a year organizes a joint purchase of oil for his local community. Newtility empowers people with a profound interest in energy to play an even more active role in the energy market. The example of private-organized energy purchase is maybe more a catchy example - however, in the business field it also serves as role model of an revolutionary new and simple business model: Newtility empowers people to aggregate and manage energy communities. Thereby Newtility is as profound as it is simple and is currently developed within a broad European research project that envisions local energy markets. Newtility is the platform-software on which local energy community business models can be built on.



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